Corporate Social Responsibility
Our Philosophy
At ND Western, corporate social responsibility is a necessity. Our philosophy is to be a socially responsible organization that appraises the communities and environment in which we operate to identify and work in conjunction with relevant stakeholders to eliminate barriers to Social, Economic and Environmental development".

The Framework
We have a tripod approach that allows us to diversify how we implement our corporate social responsibilities.

Economic Responsibility
We are fully committed to the local content initiative. We aim to use local contractors and 3rd party vendors in order to promote the growth of small to medium sized companies for economic progress and development.

Social Responsibility
We support the development of local human capital through internships, scholarships and train-the-trainer schemes needed for the growth and sustainability of the oil and gas industry.

Environmental Responsibility
We implement and adhere to the highest HSSE Standards, and adopt precautionary approaches to prevent adverse impacts on our people and environment in the course of our operations.